Services Provided:

Live Painting...

Lisa Golem is available to do a live painting at your event for a minimal fee. This works great for Fundraisers, Live Music events, church events, etc. The painting can be auctioned off at the end of your event. Contact Lisa if interested.


"Private Painting pARTies"... 

Sip and paint events are usually in a local restaurant, church or even in someone's home. See Gallery section of website for image options. 

All supplies and instruction is included. 


  Less than 10, $40/person,

 10-19, $35/person,

 20+, $28/person


Original Art Sales...

Purchase of items through site is not yet available.  If you are interested in a piece or would like to commission Lisa, e-transfers for cost of item plus shipping with be arranged. Please check the "CALENDAR OF EVENTS" tab for upcoming showings in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.  Contact Lisa Golem for a private viewing.


YouTube Art Tutorials

Lisa provides art timelapse videos, abstract instructional videos and teaching on art as a form of relaxation/meditation.


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