About Lisa Golem...

   Lisa Golem's artistic journey began as experimentation… where once in a while “glorious accidents” happened while experiencing a childlike freedom with the materials. Growing up with a musician Father and an artist Mother, she learned early the value of creating and expressing. With more instruction in the form of University courses, multiple workshops and gallery courses over the last 30 years, her artistic process has become more intentional while at the same time retaining it’s spontaneous and kinetic flavour.

   Acrylic and multi-media pieces form the body of Lisa's work. However, she also dabbles in water colour and photography, as well as the creation of functional objects such as lamps and candle-holders.  She produces some more 'representational' work, though abstract will always be her first love. Lisa has a distinct preference for strong, vibrant colour palettes with a high level of contrast as this is closer to her nature than soft, muted colours. Highly textured surfaces, embedded objects and unusual grounds are also commonly found in her collections.  As for subject matter, Lisa likes to allow the canvas to evolve in an organic way that is driven more by the subconscious mind, revealing content, meaning and mystery as it takes form.

    Lisa's academic training takes the form of Psychotherapy and Creativity Coaching. She has now retired from her career as a professional therapist. Life keeps steering her back to the love of the act of creating, as well as inspiring others to pursue their creative dreams in her role as a Creativity Coach. She founded 'The RAW Creativity Network' in 2002 to promote lifelong creative growth through encouragement, coaching & opportunity for artists, musicians and writers in her community. The RAW Creativity Network ceased operations in 2015 as Lisa become a licensee/ business franchise owner for Cocktails n' Canvas--a Canadian company that teaches art in restaurants as a fun, creative and social way to introduce the love of art to beginners. Now coming full circle, RAW has been re-born and re-branded as the "RAWc Studio"--offering more targeted workshops and mentoring for its participants.

   Lisa has been an active member of the "KW Society of Artists" since 2007, having served as secretary and Vice President and exhibited her work in approximately 12 gallery shows. She has also curated small exhibitions and art markets for fundraising events as the Director of The RAW Creativity Network. Her art is sold in boutiques and local art markets, and adorns the walls of various community businesses. She also does some commission work.

   Her love of the arts doesn't stop there... Lisa is in the process of writing her first novel, and has also written poetry, song lyrics and music. She has been a musician since the age of 12, and has performed in many cover bands playing keyboards and singing. She has been involved in church worship teams for 30 years. Lisa is also the Co-ordinator for the Kitchener-Waterloo Chapter of the Song-Writers Association of Canada.

   An avid believer in the power of community and shared creative energy, Lisa has led many collaborative groups, open studios, workshops and interactive arts events for the past 12 years, and has hosted events and workshops as a part of the “Culture Days” yearly arts festival.

Lisa remains passionate about exploring the infinite possibilities of the creative process and the transformative power of the arts on both an individual level and within her local community.

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